We are Blessed

We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us and hear our story. We know that you must be brave as you face the very difficult decision that you may make for your child. We are absolutely honored that you are considering us. If you chose us, we promise to love, cherish, support, provide, educate, encourage, protect, and surround your baby with parents, family and friends that will always be there for him or her every day of their life. We will do everything to keep them safe, and always feel free to live a life full of love and laughter.  

If you would like to talk, please feel free to call 1-800-603-1667. If you would prefer to email, please feel free to email at email@erica-and-chris-hope-to-adopt.com

We have a wonderful adoption attorney, Suzanne Nichols, who is there to help us with the adoption process. 

We hope to meet you soon so that you can get to know us better and maybe feel with confidence in your heart how much love we will give to your child.  We will truly be blessed to become his or her parents.

During the year we love to get together with our beloved family and amazing friends who are like family, to celebrate all the holidays. We have many family traditions but OUR most favorite is going to the Christmas Tree Farm so that Chris can cut down our Christmas Tree. This year we got to bring Bailey for the first time, and we had a blast! Also new this year, we also added a gingerbread doghouse to our baking competition! Throughout the year we collect memorable little things that we craft to turn into special ornaments for our tree. Our tree is full of things that we made on our own, and we know that someday little hands will start to fill that tree with things they made too! Christmas Eve is spent at our best friend’s house for a big party where special gifts are opened early, and children are running and playing all through the house, with the excitement that Santa is on his way. Christmas morning, we have a family tradition of a delicious breakfast casserole, and then we open presents and our stockings together. Later in the day we travel to our family and are surrounded by so much love and happiness.

Our Story 

Chris and I met 8 years ago in a suburb of New York. Through mutual friends, and common interests our love grew. Our passion and love for family, friends, life, and travel has brought us from Poland to Paris, from London to Long Beach Island, from Derry New Hampshire to Disney World, and many places in between. We have always dreamed about becoming parents. I myself, was adopted at 5 days old, and from an early age, I have always known that I would someday come to rely on the love, kindness, and compassion of a birth mother again. Chris and I are so very excited to become parents, and to continue to build upon my own personal adoption story by adopting a precious baby into our lives to help us create our loving family.

Chris through Erica’s Eyes

Right from the start, Chris won my heart with his sense of humor, witty conversation, and sense of adventure. His huge heart has deep rooted love for his family and friends. Through the years I have sat and watched him interact with our nieces and nephew, and our friend’s children, and I longed for the day that we would become parents. I know that he will make the most wonderful father. He is a hardworking and dedicated man. In the morning he dresses up and has a successful career in Building Management, but when he comes home, he’s a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy. He is an outdoorsman and an avid fisherman. Together we enjoy tennis, hiking, swimming, boating, camping, horse backing, and many other outdoor activities. Chris is also the handiest man I’ve ever met, from big things like remodeling homes, car maintenance, and building furniture, to smaller things like making a fire, cooking dinner, and he’s even good at changing diapers! He’s an all-around guys guy with a heart of gold. Chris’s tremendous faith and his outlook on life inspires me to live for each precious moment. He believes that there is greatness in our future and I am so happy to spend my life by his side. 

Thank you.

We’d like to introduce ourselves, we are Erica and Chris, and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read about us and for considering us as adoptive parents for your precious baby. We cannot imagine the emotions that you have been feeling, and the difficult choice that you may make. We admire and respect your tremendous courage, strength, and decision towards creating an adoption plan for your little one. We promise you, should you decide to place your baby with us, that your child will be loved, nurtured, and supported unconditionally. Words cannot express our gratitude to you for considering adoption because we are not able to have children on our own. We both love children so much and have always dreamed about being parents. We are so ready!

I have a brother David, and he is married to Tracy, and they have my 8-year-old niece/God daughter Hannah.  My parents, Jerry and Mindy, love nothing more in life than spending time with all of us. They cannot wait to welcome another grandchild into their hearts! My mom is already crying from excitement at the thought of that life changing phone call we may get someday soon. 

Through the Eyes of a Child……

One of the reasons why Chris and I love spending our free time with our family and friends, is that we get to see the children! We always have such a great time playing with the kids and laughing until it hurts. We have had sleepovers with them, traveled to museums, gone boating, fed the animals at the zoo, seen movies, had picnics, been to theme parks, played in the sand at the beach, and even have been explorers the forest! While we cannot wait to do these fun and cool things as a mom and dad, we also look forward to quiet times at home, reading bedtime stories, baking cookies, playing board games, making huge bubble baths, blanket forts, and even movie nights with popcorn and cuddles with Bailey.  We know no matter what we do, if it’s a special day out, or a regular day at home, we are going to have the most wonderful life as a family. 

Our Home

We live in a great neighborhood in New York City. In our neighborhood there’s a swimming pool, fitness center, kid’s playroom, garden with BBQ fire pits, and outdoor games area. We live within a 10-minute walk from some of the best and most family friendly activities NYC has to offer! We love going to parks, the zoo, playgrounds, the movies, Broadway theaters, fun shops, and the gorgeous waterfront by the Hudson River. Every day we walk our Labradoodle puppy, Bailey, and bring him on adventures while we hike, roam, explore, and search the corners of Central Park for the perfect stick for a dog! At home, our kitchen is a special place for us as we enjoy cooking dinner together every night and sitting at the dinner table to talk and catch up from the day. We cannot wait to add a highchair to the table and have a little one drop food on the floor that Bailey will quickly eat up!  To escape some of the hustle and bustle of the city we often travel to the country on the weekends to visit with family and friends. There we get to do all our favorite outdoor activities while surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful nature.  We are blessed to be able to enjoy both the city life and the country life. We know that this will give a child the opportunity to have some many wonderful adventures! 

Holiday Traditions 

Bailey’s birthday is on New Year’s Day, so we start the year with birthday cake! For Valentine’s Day we like to celebrate by cooking a special meal together. St. Patrick’s Day I must make my favorite corned beef and cabbage recipe, Easter is a time of reflection always spent with family, and Memorial Day and 4thof July are all about friend’s BBQs, swimming, and fireworks!  For Halloween we love to see the kids all dressed up, and sometimes we join in on the fun too! For this entire past year, Chris played a silly, “who can find the biggest frog” competition with our niece Hannah! On Halloween he dressed up as the frog and she laughed and laughed and laughed! She said that he won, and then we took her trick or treating all night long! Thanksgiving for us is all about waking up to the Macys Day Parade, and then traveling to my cousin’s house for football, and a special family feast with all of the usual yummy foods. We have turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, corn, biscuits, apple pie, pecan pie, and those little baby hotdogs that I love so much! This Thanksgiving I hope I get to call my cousin Alan and tell him to add 1 highchair to the kids table! The holidays are some of the best times of year. We spend them all surrounded by our family and friends. We are already so blessed, and this year we hope to have our dreams come true with the biggest blessing ever bestowed on us by our sides, to celebrate and have fun, at every holiday yet to come!

Our Family

Chris and I both come from wonderful, loving families. He has an older sister Anna who is married to Mike, and they have an 11-year-old son Matthew, and a 3-year-old daughter Julia. Chris also has a brother Gregory who is planning his wedding with his girlfriend Ally. Chris’s parents, John and Jan, are excited about the possibility of becoming grandparents for the 3rd time.  

ADOPTION: Please call if you are considering placing your baby for adoption 1-800-603-1667.

Successful Executive & Pre-K Teacher Yearn To Be Stay-Home Mom & Doting Dad.

Expenses Paid

Valid Home Study Approved


Erica Through Chris’s Eyes 

When I first met Erica, we started talking and laughing and haven’t stopped since.  She supports me and loves me like I’ve never known before. She likes rollercoasters, running, travel, playing with Bailey, going on scavenger hunts, playing board games, getting ready for the holidays, Disney World, and ice cream!  Erica became a teacher because she loves kids so much. Though she has a double master’s degree in elementary and special education and is an incredible teacher, I know that she will be an even better mother. She is so kind, loving, and patient. She loves completely, with her whole heart, and is looking forward to the day when she can stay at hometo take care of our family. She has lived her life waiting for the day that she becomes a mommy. We hope that you can help the dream of becoming a family come true for us.